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Shayam Korey Steckle is a Bengali born, Canadian adopted, Guelph based artist who works specifically in the mediums of collage, photography and acrylic painting. All of his collage work is analog. He began his exploration into collage, the French word for painting with glue, at 16 years old creating the artwork for his DJ mixes. He now paints and photographs his own collage pieces which are painstakingly assembled. His attention to detail and stylistic visions have been exhibited in numerous locations locally and internationally. Capacity 3 Art Gallery, Guelph Civic Museum and Artsquare Gallery in Toronto to name but a few. Collage is a means for Korey to unravel and organize his minds eye. His collage is about collection, control, concealment and repurposing. It involves an intuitive and instinctual decision making process that fulfills his need to express.


Korey is informed by the work and lives of Jack Kerouac, Jean Michel Basquait, William Eggleston, Bob Dylan, Robert Rauschenberg and William S. Burroughs.

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